Accelerate Your Commercialization Success

The Corval 2.0 Platform Is a Paradigm Shift in Commercialization Planning

You worry about the clinical trials—we'll help you get your asset to market.

The Corval 2.0 Platform enables a fast, efficient, and early start on commercialization planning, detailing cross-functional recommendations on what, when, and how much.  

This eases the pressures and empowers early- to mid-stage biopharma companies to create and see their robust, unique plan that guides important strategic discussions (including financial use of proceeds or future scenarios) and sets the asset on a path to achieve maximum value.  

Informed by the voice of customer as well as external commercialization experts, the Corval 2.0 Platform has been strategically and deliberately refined, upgraded, and enriched. Corval continuously adds data and capabilities that empower biopharma companies to execute their commercialization strategy plans in alignment with their milestones.   

Corval organizes all aspects of your commercialization planning so you can focus on other complex issues.

Corval is an innovative software platform that does much of the heavy lifting—dramatically reducing the time, effort, and resources it takes to chart a clear path to market.

Simply follow detailed, step-by-step guidance to answer questions about your company and asset. Then, let Corval’s recommendations guide your journey.

Key Enhancements for the Corval 2.0 Platform

  • Downloadable Templates – The platform now includes straightforward, ready-to-use frameworks and templates to facilitate the advancement of objectives and activities. These include (but are not limited to) conducting brand strategy sessions, defining competitive landscape analysis, comparing and revising target product profile and minimum acceptable profile, and more.
  • Functionality and Industry-Familiar Plan Outputs – We have enhanced the functionality and outputs, such as Gantt charts and budget summary views that allow for easier, simpler visibility and changes—and telling a better story to stakeholders. 
  • Logic and Recommendations – We have strengthened the underlying logic and the quality of the recommendations, so you have increased confidence in your commercialization roadmap. This ensures a “not too early / not too late” approach in regards to making strategic planning decisions. 
  • User Experience and Customer Support – Both the user experience and customer access to support have been improved and upgraded. This includes easily accessible educational references defining terminology, roles, and industry lexicon. Have a question? Customer Support is now readily available via a user-friendly pop-out chat. 
With all of the key enhancements above, the standard, 12-month subscription to Corval® provides access for up to 10 users and includes:
  • A detailed 3- to 5-year plan that outlines every step of your asset’s path to market
  • Strategic commercialization objectives that are tied to your asset’s unique development milestones—including launch readiness—organized by year and workstream
    • Company Strategy & Planning
    • Asset Strategy & Planning
    • Medical & Scientific Affairs Development
    • Value & Market Access Development
    • Market Development & Planning
    • IT/Commercialization Systems & Analytics Development
    • Operations Planning
    • Field Resource Planning
  • Objectives and activities laid out in an easy-to-use roadmap format allows you to adjust timing and manage your plan at the strategic level or drill deeper into the hundreds of cross-functional activities
Wait—there's more...
Corval also provides:
    • An itemized commercialization budget that covers headcount, salary ranges, and operational fees associated with your objectives and activities
      • Flexibility: The budget can be adjusted to your needs
    • Definition of terms, functions, activities, and roles to build internal commercialization capability
    • A central planning space that’s accessible to all cross-functional users to keep everyone aligned and track key assumptions, insights, strategies, and decisions for your asset
    • Access to Corval Commercialization Experts
      • Industry leaders can provide thought partnership in building your plan and supporting you as events change, including a quarterly meeting to brainstorm next steps, share updates, and provide an opportunity for feedback to enhance your experience
      • You also have the option to engage with additional consulting expertise for a separate fee
    • Platform implementation support

For Corval 2.0 Platform costs and/or additional supplemental consulting services, reach out to our commercialization experts today.


Reach out today to learn how to get an early start on commercialization planning with Corval and set your asset up for long-term success.

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