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Industry thought leaders with extensive and diverse backgrounds provide commercialization insights, perspectives, and guidance.

Rare Diseases

Shaping Biopharma's Future from the Past

Watch this Genzyme-veteran panel for an insightful and provocative discussion on what mistakes to avoid, what to get right early, and how to stand out from the ever-growing pack of competitors in rare disease drug development. 

What essential lessons have we learned, and what questions are we asking ourselves?

  • Will changes in the capital markets hamstring rare disease development?
  • Is the patient still coming first?
  • Has the macro environment changed how we advise companies?

To access the on-demand webinar and key takeaways document, click here.

Biopharma Survival in Uncertain Times

Expert perspectives on Maintaining Resilience

Uncertainty Is the One Certainty

Hear industry thought leaders discuss the unique challenges facing biotech/biopharma in today’s unsettled market—with a special focus on commercialization planning and potential solutions that enable high impact but conserve resources.

To access the on-demand webinar and key takeaways document, click here.

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