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Corval’s intelligent, intuitive platform provides you clarity and guidance to navigate the commercialization journey and ensure you don’t miss a single step along the path to getting your treatment to patients in need.

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You worry about the clinical trials and we’ll help you get your asset to market. Our platform enables fast, efficient, and an early start on commercialization planning. You get a multiyear view of the strategic objectives, activities and resources based on your key milestones, expected launch date, and where your team and efforts stand today.

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The power of the Corval platform lies in the integration of the domain knowledge with the software’s ability to automate processes, generate analytics, and provide real-time collaboration. The time it takes to create a comprehensive commercialization plan is shortened from weeks to hours. 

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You get the best of both worlds with Corval. It provides a complete map based upon industry best practices and builds a logic around those best practices.  

The Corval platform comes pre-loaded with an extensive library of commercialization objectives, activities, roles, and costs—all based upon decades of strategic commercialization experience.

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Let’s take a tour of the Corval platform. Here is the project dashboard for a fictitious, phase 2, biopharma company called CIG Bio. You can also see Upcoming Activities and Scheduled Hires for the current quarter. If you hover over upcoming activities, you’ll see a summary of the activity, its status, and its starting date. The same is true for Scheduled Hiring.

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Let’s look at Corval’s budgetary functionality because ultimately, the question really is “How much is it all going to cost to get us to launch?”

Each activity contains all details related to them—who is assigned, what their salary is? Are there operational or ongoing costs? 

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Based on your input answers and key milestones, the platform will recommend a series of hires that will complete your commercialization team—all organized by business function and timeframe.

This is entirely flexible and customizable for your unique circumstances. You can accept hires, decline hires, and/or adjust the hire dates as well as customize salaries and bonuses.

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With the intention of mitigating risk, evaluating opportunities, and creating more robust strategies, scenario planning can be a crucial aspect of commercialization planning. This can be a quick, simple, and easy task using Corval. 

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 The Corval 2.0 Platform is a paradigm shift in commercialization planning.

With 2.0’s strong underlying logic and high-quality credible recommendations, you will have complete confidence in your commercialization roadmap.

Exceptional functionality plus industry-familiar plan outputs like graphs and Gantt charts allow for clear visibility and simple, easy changes. So you can tell a better story to stakeholders.

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