The Platform

Accelerate Your Commercialization Success

You worry about the clinical trials—we'll help you get your asset to market.

Corval is an innovative software platform that does much of the heavy lifting—dramatically reducing the time, effort, and resources it takes to chart a clear path to market. Corval enables a fast, efficient, and early start on commercialization planning, detailing cross-functional recommendations on what, when, and how much.    

Simply follow detailed, step-by-step guidance to answer questions about your company and asset. Then, let Corval’s recommendations guide your journey.

Built for You

Corval now offers two versions of our platform to fit your unique circumstances—both options organize all aspects of your commercialization planning so you can focus on other complex issues.

Corval Snapshot Corval 2.0 Platform
  • 3-months access to a single plan for up to 3 users
  • 12-months access to an ongoing, evolving plan for up to 10 users
Commercialization Expertise
  • Onboarding Support
  • High-Level Map & Budget Recommendations
  • Embedded Commercialization Templates
  • Onboarding Support
  • Ongoing Recommendations for Personalized Map & Budget
  • Embedded Commercialization Templates
  • Objectives Roadmap View
  • Objectives Roadmap View/Edit
  • Activities Gantt View/Edit
  • Add Customized Milestones
  • Budget Summary View
  • Budget Detail View
  • Budget Summary View
  • Budget Detail View
  • Edit Costs
  • Add Customized Fees
Resource Planning
  • Hiring Summary
  • Hiring Manager
  • Hiring Summary
  • Hiring Manager
  • Hiring Editing
  • Resource Reassignment
Scenario Planning
  • N/A
  • Guided Planning Workflows
  • Ability to Create Multiple Projects
  • Scenario Comparisons
  • Scenario Planning
Customer Support
  • Intercom Messaging
  • 1 Quarterly Business Review
  • Intercom Messaging
  • 4 Quarterly Business Reviews

Corval Snapshot

For more details on Corval Snapshot, click here.

Corval 2.0 Platform

For more details on Corval 2.0 Platform, click here.


Reach out today for more details on Corval Snapshot and Corval 2.0 Platform!

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