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Corval and Rapid Commercialization Partners Bring Technology and Expertise Together to Enhance the Commercialization Journey for Biopharma Companies

Collaboration Will Streamline Commercialization Process for Companies, Bringing Transformative Therapies to Market Faster and More Efficiently

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., January 4, 2024 — Corval and Rapid Commercialization Partners (RCP) announced today that they are strengthening the commercialization journey for biopharma companies through a collaboration that brings together Corval’s proprietary technology and RCP’s deep commercialization expertise.

Through this new affiliation, biopharma leaders in clinical-stage companies can now access RCP’s deep expertise in optimizing growth and accelerating commercialization together with Corval’s innovative, cloud-based platform that dramatically streamlines efforts to build tailored, multi-year commercialization roadmaps, detailed budgets and full resource plans.

“Our collaboration with RCP marks a significant milestone in our mutual commitment to develop cutting-edge, strategic solutions that address challenges in biopharma commercialization, elevate the approaches used and accelerate the path to the market for innovative treatments,” said Sue Nemetz, Founder and CEO, Corval.

The Corval® Platform provides leaders a step-by-step guide that sets their asset on a path to achieve maximum value, while the RCP approach to commercialization offers clients the ability to begin commercialization without having to commit to a large commercial footprint, at a time when capacity for investment may be minimal or premature.

“We are creating a critical and important shift in how emerging biotech companies approach commercial preparedness,” said Christina Ansted, CEO, RCP. “By working together, we are helping our clients build a solid commercial foundation, elevate their commercialization planning and establish their own internal capabilities and processes along the multi-year journey.”

Leaders from Corval and RCP will be attending the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, Jan. 8-11. To schedule time with RCP email To connect with Corval email

About Rapid Commercialization Partners (RCP)

RCP provides the expertise, processes and partnership clinical-stage biotech companies need to maximize revenue though efficient, effective commercialization. With a relentless focus on integrated end-to-end strategic commercialization planning and disciplined execution on strategy, RCP positions biotech companies for commercial success by building a strategic commercial foundation for long-term growth. Visit for more information.

About Corval

Corval is the leading cloud-based strategic planning platform that enables a fast, efficient, and early start on commercialization planning, detailing cross-functional recommendations on what, when, and how much. The platform serves as the foundation for biopharma commercialization efforts—organizing all facets of commercialization while creating a comprehensive, multi-year view of what you need to do, when you need to do it, and what it will take for success.

Corval Launches Corval 2.0 Commercialization Planning Platform for Early- to Mid-Stage Biopharma Companies

Cloud-based platform enables a fast, efficient, and early start on commercialization planning to help emerging biopharma companies successfully deliver medicines at scale

Boston, Mass., April 24, 2023 Corval, the leader in cloud-based commercialization planning for early- to mid-stage biopharma companies, today announced the Corval 2.0 Platform, the second generation of its cloud-based software platform that enables company leaders to focus on the critical work of asset development and clinical trials by making commercialization planning quick, simple, and dynamic. 

“The complex, fragmented, months-long commercialization planning process can challenge early- to mid-stage biopharma companies,” said Sue Nemetz, Founder and CEO of Corval and The NemetzGroup. “We leveraged decades of experience to build the Corval Platform in order to ease the pressures of creating a unique-to-you plan that guides important, strategic decisions, such as where and when to spend money. With the Corval 2.0 Platform, even a team with no commercialization planning experience will have an informed, step-by-step guide that sets their asset on a path to achieve maximum value.”

Corval 2.0 Platform Key Enhancements

Informed by the voice of the customer and external commercialization experts, the Corval 2.0 Platform has been strategically and deliberately refined, upgraded, and enriched.

  • Logic and Recommendations. Linking all objectives to key milestones ensures that the work is planned per triggers of key milestones and new data. Doing so guarantees rational investment—not too early to take high risk but not too late to miss the opportunity to make strategic decisions about clinical development or compromise launch readiness.
  • Functionality and Industry-Familiar Plan Outputs. New Gantt charts and budget summary views allow for simpler visibility of the roadmap, activity interdependencies, and budget, allowing for easier adjustment when needed. The enhanced functionality also enables leaders to tell a better strategic story to management, stakeholders, or investors regarding the work to be done and associated costs.
  • User Experience and Educational Support. Throughout the platform, users can access educational references defining terminology, vocabulary, roles, and biopharma lexicon to ensure full understanding of the terms as they navigate the platform and manage their asset’s journey.


“Today’s pharma market dynamics and complex regulatory trek for new product and therapy launches make a data-based, automated launch planning platform an invaluable tool,” said Michael Young, Principal and Founder biomedwoRx and Corval user. “For biomedwoRx clients that have integrated the Corval Platform, it has demonstrated utility for commercial teams, investor due diligence, and board-level decision making. When there are strategic shifts in plans, such as consequential FDA interactions, strategic alliances, or infusions/reductions in launch budget, Corval’s platform saves time, eliminates concerns about interconnected headcount changes, and provides realistic dashboard analytics that cannot easily be addressed with a traditional, spreadsheet-driven commercialization plan.”

Nemetz added, “The number of things a company needs to do between clinic and market is staggering. Traditionally, companies hire an outside consultant to come in, develop a plan and leave. In that model, companies get a static plan that cannot be updated without a lot of effort, and the knowledge needed to update dependencies is long gone. We designed the Corval Platform to simplify the process of commercialization planning and make it dynamic to reflect the reality and variabilities of asset development.” 

The Corval team will be at the MassBio State of the Possible Conference. Visit them at Booth #11.

About Corval

Corval is the leader in cloud-based commercialization planning for early- to mid-stage biopharma companies. Its cloud-based software, Corval 2.0 Platform, provides emerging biopharma companies with an easy-to-execute and dynamic commercialization path from the clinic to the market, freeing leaders to focus on getting treatments to the patients they serve.    

For more on Corval, visit

Corval Launches New Biopharma Commercialization Planning Platform

The Cloud-Based Solution Delivers a Comprehensive Multi-Year Commercialization Plan With Shocking Speed and Ease

Industry Veterans Leverage Technology to Transform Commercialization Planning

Newton, Mass., September 21, 2021Corval LLC today announced the launch of its cloud-based commercialization planning platform designed for early- to mid-stage biopharma companies. Created by industry veterans with deep experience in biopharma commercialization, the platform provides a technology-based approach that expedites the commercialization planning process and helps teams align on strategic decisions, timing, and future resourcing needs.

“I have spent my entire career in this space and been exposed to the many challenges facing early- to mid-stage biopharma companies, particularly, how the lack of in-house expertise and constrained resources can threaten the ability to know what to do when,” said Sue Nemetz, founder and CEO of Corval and CEO of The NemetzGroup LLC, a strategic consultancy that has supported the progression of more than 100 companies with assets at every phase of development.

“As a biotech CEO and investor, I have seen many companies get mired in the commercialization planning process. Corval, built upon the wealth of knowledge and experience from The NemetzGroup, will help ensure biotech executive teams don’t miss any critical steps on their path to market,” added Abbie Celniker, Ph.D., a Partner at Third Rock Ventures.

Corval’s platform is built upon decades of biopharma commercialization experience and more than 75,000 data points that drive recommendations throughout the entire development timeline and accommodate the unique circumstances of each asset’s commercial strategy. Corval contains foundational tools for commercialization success, including:

  • Custom Commercialization Map: a detailed and adaptable roadmap of the objectives and activities necessary to commercialize an asset
  • Budget and Resource Plan: a customized schedule of the resources and investments required to support these activities and achieve organizational objectives
  • Commercialization Center: a single workspace to collaborate on the roadmap and access a trove of commercialization knowledge

“I am a firm believer in early commercialization planning, so the value of Corval was immediately clear to me. Corval allowed our newly formed team to quickly align on key assumptions and strategic decisions so we could hit the ground running with clarity and confidence on the road ahead,” said Kerrie Brady, CEO of OcuTerra Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company and early adopter of the Corval platform.

Nemetz added, “With Corval, companies can rapidly produce a comprehensive and customized commercialization plan and forge ahead on the work of getting treatments to patients in need.”

About Corval

Corval develops technology solutions to empower biopharma leaders to navigate the commercialization process with confidence. Built on decades of commercialization expertise, its innovative cloud-based platform assesses each asset’s unique situation and creates a customized, detailed map to illustrate every step on the journey from clinic to market. Corval reduces the commercialization planning process from three to six months to three to six days, dramatically streamlining efforts to set commercialization plans in motion. For more information, visit

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