How Corval Helps You With Your Pharma Product Launch Strategy

Corval Illuminates Your Path to Commercialization in Three Steps


Enter your assumptions and align your team around your strategic objectives

Corval® asks all the right questions—When do you expect trial results? What are your competitive pressures? How experienced is your team? Based on your assumptions, Corval recommends objectives that reflect your team’s product strategy. Learn more…


See your path with a tailored roadmap

Using your assumptions and strategic objectives, Corval generates a comprehensive commercialization plan of what you need to do and when, so you can feel confident that you don’t miss a critical step on your path to market. 


Understand the resources it will take

Get talent recommendations and budget estimates based on your commercialization roadmap, so you can make smart investments and critical hiring decisions at the right time.

Everything You Need for Your Pharma Product Launch Strategy

You'll Know What, When, and How Much

After completing these three simple steps, you’ll have a unique, flexible commercialization roadmap, budget, and hiring plan. This will provide you with clear details on what needs to be done, when it should be done, and how much it will cost.

The Corval Platform delivers your pharma product launch strategy as a dynamic, configurable, cross-functional 3- to 5-year strategic roadmap pre-populated with commercialization objectives and interdependent activities. Additionally, you will receive an itemized budget and hiring plan that outlines headcount, target salaries, and operational fees. To ensure everyone remains aligned, a central planning space will be available to track key assumptions, decisions, insights, and changes throughout the process.

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