Inside Corval

Objectives and Activity Roadmaps

The following videos will take you on a deeper dive inside the heart of the Corval Platform.

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Introduction to the Objectives Roadmap

Let’s begin our tour of the Corval platform.

On the Objectives Roadmap page, you’ll find all your commercialization objectives laid out on a map, organized by year and by Corval’s eight planning categories. The number next to each category represents the number of active objectives in each category.

At the top of your map, you’ll find different colored diamonds. These are your commercialization milestones, including your PDUFA date and your Launch Readiness date…

Introduction to the Activity Roadmap

On the Activity Roadmap page, all your commercialization activities are laid out on a map. They are organized by year and quarter, followed by Corval’s eight planning categories and subcategories.

You can use the red arrows at each end of your map to move back and forth between years and quarters. Alternatively, you can use this drop down to jump to any specific year…

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