Inside Corval

Budget Summary and Budget by Category

The following videos will take you on a deeper dive inside the heart of the Corval Platform.

To see the Objectives Roadmap and Activity Roadmap, click here.

To see the Hiring Details and Hiring Manager, click here.

Introduction to the Budget Summary

Let’s begin our tour of the Corval platform.

The Budget Summary page offers a comprehensive overview of your project’s costs, presented through an interactive pie chart and two informative bar graphs. At the top of the page, you’ll find the page name, description, and the budget menu.

The pie chart provides a snapshot of your total project costs, comprising hiring costs, any custom expenses and activity costs. The activity costs encompass professional fees, operational costs, and ongoing costs…

Introduction to the Budget by Category

The Budget by Category page shows you all of your project’s costs by year and by Corval’s eight planning categories.

Towards the bottom of your screen, you’ll see the totals section. The first row shows your total yearly activity costs, including professional fees, ongoing costs and operational costs. The second row shows any custom costs you may have added…

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